Web Development

Whether you need a simple four-page website or a large-scale web application using the latest technology, I can do it. I have extensive experience with Content Management Systems, eCommerce, Blogs, Forums, AJAX Applications, and numerous other types of websites and applications.


While there are many ecommerce solutions out there, most are bloated, hard to configure, and/or buggy. I have written and refined my own shopping cart software over the years, powering websites such as Knork, United Market, and Kieus.

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  • Accept payments through Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or Paypal Express Checkout
  • Add unlimited products with multiple images. Add custom options such as size, color, etc. and choose a representative image for each set of options.
  • View and export lists of all registered customers with complete contact information
  • Categorize products, with automatically generated Search Engine Friendly URLs and SEO-optimized meta descriptions for all shopping cart links
  • Receive email notifications when purchases are made and view lists of pending or shipped orders
  • Manage your orders, add private order notes, print packing lists, view your top selling items through the administrator dashboard.
  • Use inventory counting (limiting # of items to how many are in stock and can be purchased), or allow unlimited purchases of items.
  • Choose between Free, Flat Rate, Fedex, and UPS shipping methods; add additional markup to shipping quotes.
  • Create single promo codes, automatically generate batches of promo codes, or import codes from excel .csv files.
  • Control promo code types (flat dollar amount, percentage off shipping, etc), amount they can be used for, expiration dates, # of times they can be used, and more.
  • Customers can view products by category, or search by keywords
  • Customers receive real-time shipping quotes from Fedex or UPS
  • Customers receive invoices of their purchased products, and can view past invoices by logging into their account

Software & Technology

I develop using the following technologies:

PHP is an extremely popular open source server-side programming language used by websites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Pepsi, Warner Brother Records, and millions of others. I have 10 years experience with PHP and write expert-level Object Oriented code.
As "the world's most popular open source database", MySQL provides the ability to create and handle extremely data-intensive applications and SEO-friendly data-driven websites. I have over 8 years of experience designing, configuring, optimizing, and maintaining MySQL databases.
A great complement to HTML5 and CSS3, Javascript works on more devices than Adobe Flash and brings powerful animations and user experience enhancements to the browser. While I have written millions of lines of "raw" Javascript in my career, I generally rely on frameworks and plugins such as jQuery, jQuery UI, Tiny MCE, Fancybox, Nivo Slider, and Impact to speed up development and provide more reliable cross-browser compatibility.
While HTML5 is relatively new, I believe it offers so many advantages that I have recently switched to all HTML5 development. Smart-phone compatible video and audio, semantic SEO enhancements, and the seemingly endless stream of cool things being done with canvas are but a few reasons to embrace the new standard.
If HTML is the engine and transmission of a sports car, Cascading Style Sheets are the pretty paint job and contoured leather interior. CSS Zen Garden is a great showcase of what is possible with CSS-based design. I keep up with the latest possibilities of CSS and make sure web designs look their best in modern browsers while degrading gracefully in older ones.
Linux / Apache
I work almost exclusively in a Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP setup, commonly abbreviated as LAMP. The Linux / Apache combination is renowned for its stability and security.

Web Hosting, Domain Names, Security Certificates

I am a long-time customer and authorized reseller for ICDSoft Web Hosting. I currently host over a hundred websites and continue to utilize this company because of their high reliability, server configuration/management, and customer support. In my 8 years of experience with this company, their uptime is higher than 99.9%. When I need IT support I rarely wait longer than 60 seconds to get a response. All of the servers I use reside in a secure data center in Boston, Massachusetts.

Along with hosting purchase / renewals and server configuration, I also provide free behind-the-scenes support and maintenance. All of my websites and applications are programmed to notify me the instant a code or server error occurs. While this occurs very rarely, I always fix the issue instantly.

If you need domain name(s), I can purchase, maintain, and transfer these for you. If you already own your domains, I offer simple email and phone instructions / support for configuring them to point to your website(s).

Running an eCommerce site, or storing sensitive data? I can purchase, configure, and install one or multiple security certificates for you.