About Me

I first fell in love with programming around the age of 6. My family bought a VIC-20 which hooked up to our TV, and we subscribed to a monthly programming magazine. Each issue came with the (printed) source code for a game or program, and I can recall spending hours typing in the program for a game, getting to play it for a few minutes, then having to shut the computer off because it was time for supper or bed. Without any type of device to save the program, all the hard work was gone. Later we purchased a cassette tape recorder onto which I could store the programs, and still later we acquired a Commodore 64 with a fancy 8" floppy drive.

I moved on to other interests including video editing and motion graphics and after college became adept with Adobe After Effects. With the release of After Effects version 4.1, Adobe added "Expressions": a Javascript-like language that would allow the programming of animations. When I began seeing all the cool things people were doing with this, I started teaching myself the syntax which led me to learning quite a bit of Javascript. This snowballed into wanting to learn HTML, then CSS, then PHP, etc. and I never looked back.

It's been about 10 years since I made my first website, and while I've had hundreds of hobbies and interests over the years, I have discovered that web development is what I was meant to do. I love web development — both the problem solving required and the fact that it never becomes boring because there are so many aspects and technologies to juggle.

If you are looking for a passionate web developer, you've come to the right place; I hope we get the chance to work together.

Aaron Fisher

My Philosophy

I strongly believe in creating websites that are easy to navigate, user friendly, as lightweight as possible, written with semantic, validating, accessible HTML, and cross-browser compatible. I also believe in being overly cautious and meticulous about website security.

I pride myself in being able to adapt to a wide range of demands, project specifications, and coding styles.

I thrive on solving problems, learning new technologies, and helping people find the best solution for their needs (even if that means referring him or her to someone else).

Templates Suck.

Honesty time: it doesn't take much time, talent, or know-how to throw together a "template" website. All major content management systems and blogs come pre-installed with at least one template, and usually a new one can be installed with a couple of button clicks.

The Problem

Templates are generic, do not reinforce branding, and can drive away site visitors because sites all tend to look the same. When you employ a template design, you run the great risk of owning a website that looks exactly like hundreds or thousands of other sites on the internet.

For a moment, think about all of the websites you visit every day. How many of those websites look similar?

Uniqueness is at the heart of brand recognition. Don't confuse your audience.

The Solution

An original design for your website / application is a small investment.

I work closely with professional designers to ensure that your project is unique, applicable to your target audience, reinforces your brand, and stands out from your competitors' offerings.

View some examples of original designs in my portfolio, and differentiate yourself from the crowd.